Manta Network - how can you get involved?

Let's see what types of activity are currently in the Manta Network project)
The Manta GitHub has two sections describing grant programs - Open-Grants-Program and General-Grants-Program.

These sections are now just forked from the Web3 Grant Foundation (the foundation of the Polkadot-Kusama ecosystem):

Thus, at present, grants, like the incentive testnet, are not yet available - but there should be updates soon.

We can see another of the options for participation on the page:

Here, in addition to the vacancies of blockchain developers and community manager, there is also a section “Create your role” - if you have a vision of your own role in this project, you can offer yourself, justifying it. You need to tell about yourself, submit your resume + Github, describe in detail your proposed project / position in the Manta Network, indicate the award in tokens.

Finally, the easiest way to participate in the Manta Network is through the Mantalorian program. It was launched relatively recently, and so far it is only being run in. Ambassadors carry out various tasks that benefit projects, and you are free to choose them yourself. Rewards will be issued in tokens (but their number is unknown), within the program, Ambassadors earn points (most likely, in the future, rewards will be distributed according to the points earned).

First you need to fill out a Google form and join to Manta Network Discord (

After you have been accepted and “painted” as Ambassadors, you can start performing tasks (according to some information, you can even contribute without being an Ambassador). Let's see what types of tasks are.
Most of the assignments are related to content creation or promotion of the Manta Network. The more difficult the task, the more points you can earn. For a quoted tweet and a like, 3 points will be awarded, for a meme - 5, for attendance at the monthly meeting of ambassadors - 50. Assignments for translations, video and text content, as well as infographics will be assessed individually, depending on the quality of the content made.

In addition, there is a special type of activity - community events (various sessions, workshops, online meetups, etc.).

As for translations (Medium, documentation, website), then to be active on them you need to follow the translations Spreadsheet (, the regional ambassador can enroll you there.

It is necessary to submit your activity using a fairly simple Google Form (

Let's take a look at the structure of the hierarchy of Manta Network Ambassadors. You start with the rank of private (coefficient = 1). Moving up the ranks, you improve not only your own rank, but also the multiplier by which your points will be multiplied. For example, you have completed a task for 100 points, and your rank is a sergeant (x2), so you will receive 200 instead of 100 points. The final rank that can be obtained is Master Sergeant (Senior Sergeant), for this you need to recruit more than 10 000 points. Regional commanders help the Leader (Albiona) manage the community, check submissions, notify their local community about various project events, and so on.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on Discord. If you are more comfortable communicating in your native language, Manta Network has a special international branches in Discord, as well as a national telegram chats. (like, and others).
In general, I would like to note that the program is just beginning, so if you have a desire - then go for it, go ahead!

To learn more about the Manta Network, join the project’s social networks:

Telegram, Twitter, Medium and Discord (